August Stramm - CurseNew Sea Urchin chapbook:

August Stramm – Curse

August Stramm is now mainly remembered for the poems that he wrote during WWI and were published posthumously as Tropfblut by Walden in 1919. But Stramm’s poem Fluch, also written during WWI, was part of his earlier collection of love poems Du, which was published in 1915. Inspired by Nietzsche, the Futurists, the war and his friendship with Walden, Fluch is a passionate, almost violent love poem. In sentences that consist of no more than a couple of powerful words, at times of a single word and an exclamation mark only, Stramm directs a loud cry of resistance, revolt and self-scarifice at a godless sky. Fluch is a heartfelt curse and at the same time a passionate cry to be devoured by love. The original German poem was published in an English translation as Curse by Sea Urchin in February-March 2020. Artwork and English translation: Ben Schot. Order now



Mimetic Field - OverratedIn stock a classic from Moloko Plus:

Mimetic Field – Overrated

In 1998 Moloko Plus released a CD by Jérôme Soudan, who lived in Berlin at the time. It was the first of nine CDs that Soudan would produce under the moniker Mimetic the next fifteen years. Overrated is where Soudan’s Mimetic project began. Apart from the regular ‘Overrated’ CD – now a classic album itself – Soudan and Moloko released an extra limited edition of 100 copies of the CD at the time. For this special edition Soudan packaged the CD in radiographic paper and numbered the 100 copies by hand. Sea Urchin stocks a number of these forgotten treasures from the Moloko vault.

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Ira Cohen - PoetryNew from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Ira Cohen – Poetry

The unstoppable Counter Culture Chronicles celebrate their 50th release with a limited and hand numbered Ira Cohen special. The edition of 30 copies consists of a C60 cassette and a set of Ira Cohen magazine clippings, photographs and announcements from the CCC archives. The cassette contains a clear recording – date unknown – of Ira Cohen reading poems in his familiar booming voice and New York accent.

This edition is not only CCCs 50th release but also the fourth in a series of interesting Ira Cohen releases on CCC. In 2015 CCC released Ira Cohen’s Subliminal Cassette followed by no fewer than three releases in 2019-2020: Dundee 2003, The Majoon Traveler and now Poetry. Happy 50th CCC. Keep up the good work!

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Gregor Kunz - Look at the SeascapeNew in our Moloko Print catalogue:

Gregor Kunz – Look at the Seascape

Gregor Kunz‘s collection of collages Look at the Seascape is subtitled ‘Captain von dem Busche and his adventurous life, as told by himself’. Furthermore the Moloko Plus book, beautifully designed by Robert Schalinski, mentions that this is just the first volume of the Busche trilogy collages, which Kunz produced between 2000 and 2009 and comprises some 500 pieces of work. This first volume was previously published by Edition Raute, Dresden in an edition of six hand made copies in 2002, remounted in 2013 and has now been published by Moloko Plus in an edition of 123 collages, divided over 7 chapters. Volume II (Inscape) and volume III (Escape) are to appear later.

With its tongue-in-cheek references to Max Ernst, Jules Verne, Baron Münchhausen and its quotations from authors and poets as varied as William Blake, André Breton, Octavio Paz and Alfred Jarry, this compilation of woodcut collages is Kunz’s personal exploration of the 20th-century avantgarde and its 19th-century predecessors. With the fictitious Captain von dem Busche at the wheel, Kunz manages to navigate from territories already charted in the 19th and 20th centuries, to more personal horizons and coasts. Kunz’s approach turns each of his collages into a strange, at times unsettling, adventure. We can’t wait for Volumes II and III to appear to see where this voyage of the absurd leads.

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The Reverend Howard Finster - Stranger from another WorldNew from Counter Culture Chronicles:

The Reverend Howard Finster – Stranger from another World

The A-side of the Counter Culture Chronicles cassette Stranger from another World contains a recording of Howard Finster talking about how his art enables him to spread the gospel. “One day people realise they need what Howard Finster’s got”, he explains during his rant. Finster’s stream-of-piousness continues on the B-side with religious songs and hi-speed preaching, but then changes into memories of his youth in the countryside. Finster lards lively stories about hunting, birds, raccoons, fox hounds, possums and black bears with all sorts of animal sounds. The Reverend is a one-man radio play.

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