Slowscan #41 now available from Sea Urchin:

Alexandra Phillips & Jan Henderikse – You & I (10” vinyl released on Slowscan)

You & I is a collaboration of Jan Henderikse and partner-in-crime Alexandra Phillips, a young American artist who currently lives in The Netherlands. Released by Slowscan as vol. 41, one side of this 10” black vinyl edition consists of a collage of the word you culled from all sorts of existing records, and a collage of the word I on the flip side. You & I is a beautiful piece of work with an iron inner logic and a warm sense of humour. The 10” comes with an insert by Pure Propaganda, a magazine run by Henderikse and Phillips. You & I. Always.



New from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Stuart Z. Perkoff – Voices Of The Lady

Stuart Z. Perkoff’s Voices of the Lady was published posthumously by the National Poetry Foundation in 1998. That compilation contained all of his books, his journal publications, and much unpublished work, including the sequence The Venice Poems. Counter Culture Chronicles has now released a rare recording of the same name, on which Perkoff (1930-74) can be heard reading a selection of his poems for KFML Radio in Denver in 1971. The Lady was the spirit that Perkoff communicated with when he wrote poetry. He thought of himself as the channel through which his muse sent messages into the world. The powerful, deep and meaningful voice that Perkoff lent to his Lady can now be heard on this excellent CCC cassette. Driving the words home with precision and cool, Perkoff demonstrates that his poems were not so much written but dictated. His voice was the jazzy trumpet of an angel of the streets.
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New in our catalogue:

Gregory Corso – The Poetics of the Voice

Cassette released by Ragged Lion Press and Counter Culture Chronicles, 2018

The Poetics Of The Voice is a joint release on cassette by Ragged Lion Press and Counter Culture Chronicles. The C-90 release contains a lively recording that Beat documentalist Allen DeLoach made of Corso reading his poetry at the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1970. The beautiful edition, limited to 80 copies only, also contains photos of Corso by DeLoach and Dutch poet Harry Hoogstraten. Corso real and raw as a delirious side of meat and tender as an altar boy’s tears.
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In July 1992 American poet Jack Micheline paid a brief visit to The Netherlands for a couple of poetry readings and a show of his gouaches. During this trip Micheline travelled down to The Hague, where his gouaches were being framed and a poetry reading had been programmed. One of Micheline’s favourite hangouts during his stay in that town was the famous Italian coffee and ice-cream parlour ‘Florencia’, which in atmosphere reminded him of the North Beach neighbourhood in his hometown San Francisco. The ice-cream parlour and its clientele of all walks of life inspired Micheline to write his poem ‘At The Florencia’. A live reading of the poem, in which Florencia’s clients are portrayed and their names and nicknames americanised, followed shortly after at a beach café in Scheveningen. The poem has all the hallmarks of a Micheline poem. The streets hold universal truths and beauty for those with eyes to see: Joe Krug sits and smiles/with his gray eyes/Cruiser Kling/has seven rings/The baby has bright eyes/he crawls on the bench/outside the Florencia.

Counter Culture Chronicles has published At The Florencia as a fine hand numbered limited edition. A plain brown envelope with a colour photo of Florencia glued to it contains a facsimile print on green paper of the poem in Micheline’s handwriting and a second print of the poem in typeface. The envelope also contains a xerox of the invitation to Micheline’s show in Amsterdam in 1992 with a photo by Eddie Woods and a short accompanying text to this edition on the reverse side. Order



New from Counter Culture Chronicles: Nicolaas KroeseNicolaas Kroese (1905-1971) started a restaurant in Amsterdam in 1939. Soon after its foundation Kroese expanded his business, bought four adjoining houses in the Spuistraat plus a couple of warehouses in other parts of town, and named his restaurant d’Vijff Vlieghen (The Five Flies). When after World War II KLM opened a direct airline to the US, it brought to Amsterdam many American servicemen on leave from their stations in Germany and on their way to or from the US. Kroese, not only a clever businessman but also a flamboyant showman, knew how to promote his business in the US and lured celebrities such as Clark Gable, Jayne Mansfield, Orson Welles and Walt Disney to his place in the heart of Amsterdam. And in their wake many American tourists.

His business prospering and his restaurant for the greater part run by employees, Kroese gradually slipped into a grand vision of the world that was fuelled by pseudo-cabalistic numerology, ideas for world peace, a new set of Commandments to achieve it and an agricultural invention that could rid the world of hunger. It is no coincidence that Kroese and Provo artist and fellow visionary Robert Jasper Grootveld instantly hit it off in the mid-1960s. Kroese became one of Provo’s earliest advocates and patron saints.
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