Puck Schot - UrgeNew in our Moloko Print catalogue:

Puck Schot – Urge

Puck Schot (1994) is a visual artist, filmmaker, writer and poet from Rotterdam, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2016. Her work spans various disciplines – video works, writings, sculptures, drawings, sound works and performances – which go hand in hand to explore man’s darker desires in modern media-generated realities. Since 2012 Schot has taken part in various group shows, programmes and festivals as well as done solo shows in Germany and Rotterdam. She was a guest lecturer and teacher for young talents at the Royal Academy of The Hague and received a Grant for Emerging Artists from the national Mondrian Fund in 2019. This grant has enabled her to publish her first book ‘Urge’ in collaboration with Ralf Friel’s renowned Moloko Plus press from Pretzien, Germany.

Urge, introduced by the artist as ‘a fictive vacuum inside a violently compressed wound or simply a compilation of fragmentary poems’, has turned into a handsome edition under the wings of Moloko Plus and designer Anneke Auer. Schot’s carefully arranged texts and images lead the reader along deliriously probing chapters with titles such as Angelic or Brutal Breathing to the final poem End of me, which closes with the line ‘I’m going to unveil my flesh to the world as you’ll add light to a tumoured sore’. Whose desire is at the root of this mess, baby? The urge is there for all to see, you know. It’s throbbing. Naked.

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Steve Dalachinsky / Yuko Otomo - HomagesNew from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Steve Dalachinsky / Yuko Otomo – Homages

American writer and poet Steve Dalachinsky was born in Brooklyn in 1946. Taking inspiration from both the Beat Generation and improvisational music, Dalachinsky performed and recorded with musicians such as Jim O’Rourke, Susie Ibarra, Thurston Moore and Frederico Ughi. Many of Dalachinsky’s poems were written while listening to music and in his collaborations with musicians Dalachinsky attempted to give his poems back to music in sound and rhythm. Shortly before Dalachinsky passed away unexpectedly in September 2019, Counter Culture Chronicles released a split cassette of readings of his and his wife Yuko Otomo. Homages was the title of this cassette, which has now sadly turned into a salute of CCC’s René van der Voort to his dear lost friend.

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Jürgen Ploog - Inside Flesh FilmNew from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Jürgen Ploog – Inside Flesh Film

Jürgen Ploog’s cut-up novella Flesh Film was published by Moloko Plus in 2018. In his review of this novel for Reality Studio Edward S. Robinson writes:

“What Ploog achieves in Flesh Film is a text that exists within its own space, drawing on Burroughsian tropes while demonstrating the experimental flare of his successors, while also looking forward with a distinctly twenty-first century aesthetic. Perhaps this is due in part to his re-creation of a Burroughsian world, often set in exotic and mystical places and populated by all sorts of shady characters — and Mugwumps. Equally, though, it is again due to taking a fundamentally random mode of writing and harnessing it. Ploog freely admits to editing his cut-ups, the cutting, splicing and reconfiguring of text analogous to the cutting and editing of film. A flesh film, no less.”


For the Counter Culture Chronicles cassette Inside Flesh Film Jürgen Ploog and Robert Schalinski – who also designed the Flesh Film book – have teamed up to produce a fascinating audio companion to the book. Fragments of the book are read by Ploog in a voice manipulated by Schalinski to resemble a cross between William Burroughs and the Alpha 60 computer voice in Godard’s Alphaville. The fragments are cut up and interspersed with bits of noise, street sounds, insects, fighting cats, TVs, music, radio broadcasts to form a noir radio play. The narrator impassionately reports from a dingy hotel room in a non-descript corner of an unhinged universum. Time and space have changed their game there. And yours is about to break down too.

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Shakespeare/Schittko - Sonnets/SonetteNew in our Moloko Print catalogue:

William Shakespeare / Clemens Schittko – Sonnets / Sonette

Clemens Schittko‘s translation of William Shakespeare’s sonnets is a tongue-in-cheek conceptual piece of work, now published by Ralf Friel’s Moloko Plus press in a design by their friend Kai Pohl. From the flap text of this book we learn that the central theme of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (originally published in 1609 by Thomas Thorpe) is love and that no other book, apart from the bible, has been translated into German more often. Between 1836 and 1894 alone no fewer than twelve annotated translations appeared and since the 18th century some 300 translators have tried their hands at the sonnets. With this Moloko publication Schittko has added an unconventional translation to that list. Schittko’s translations from English to German were done with the help of an online translating machine instead by a translator of flesh and blood. Published unedited, they vary from clumsy, ridiculous, surprising to brilliant or downright stupid. Schittko explains: “I think that it is exactly the distorted or mistaken German language produced by the machine that generates poetry”. He’s absolutely right. This book’s a real treat.



Jürgen Ploog - Dillinger in DahlemNew in our Moloko Print catalogue:

Jürgen Ploog – Dillinger in Dahlem

Moloko‘s chapbook No. 6 publishes some of Jürgen Ploog’s cut-up texts from the 1970s. Dillinger in Dahlem contains typical Jürgen Ploog texts, which have clearly been influenced by William Burroughs’s cut-ups, but somehow manage to take a distinct turn of their own. The atmosphere is dark, seedy, sexual, broken-up. A film noir hacked into little pieces and crudely taped together to be screened in a dingy theatre. A number of collages by Ploog’s old partner-in-crime Walter Hartmann help visualize this tale from the fringe, the title of which subversively propels American Great-Depression gangster John Dillinger into Dahlem, a district in Berlin that was home to the United States Army and the US Embassy when Ploog produced these texts. Read more & order