Frank Reynolds - 666: The Hymn to LuciferNew in our CCC catalogue:

Frank Reynolds – 666: The Hymn to Lucifer

(limited edition of 30, published by Counter Culture Chronicles, 2020)

Frank Reynolds was secretary of the San Francisco chapter of the Hell’s Angels through most of the 1960s. Beat poet Michael McClure collaborated with Reynolds during poetry readings and published his interview of him as “Freewheelin Frank, Secretary of the Angels” in 1967. Reynolds’ LSD and amphetamine fuelled Hymn to Lucifer was published the following year by the anarchist Diggers collective, who distributed the twelve spaced-out satanic pamphlets for free in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in 1968. These pamphlets have now been reprinted facsimile by Counter Culture Chronicles in a hand numbered and laser printed edition of 30 copies.



Georg Trakl - TraumlandNew in our Moloko Plus catalogue:

Georg Trakl – Traumland

(published by Moloko Print, 2020)

The Moloko compilation Traumland, beautifully designed by Robert Schalinski, brings together nine of Trakl’s hallucinatory prose fragments and prose poems plus a small number of aphorisms. Eight of the prose pieces have been illustrated in watercolour by Dutch artist Ben Schot. Among the selected prose is Trakl’s juvenile work Traumland. Eine Episode, which was published in the Salzburger Volkszeitung in 1906 when Trakl was 19 years old. Other prose poems have been culled from the posthumous compilations Sebastian im Traum (1915) and Offenbarung und Untergang (1947) and various other sources. Together the pieces form a surprising selection of tales and imagery that transcend poetry and prose and take the reader to the sublime highs and lows of Trakl’s intoxicated mind.



George Bacovia - Winter SceneNew Sea Urchin chapbook:

George Bacovia – Winter Scene

Tablou de iarnă was published in 1916 as one of the poems in Bacovia’s first compilation Plumb. The poem clearly shows influences of Bacovia’s hero Edgar Allan Poe, whose works had reached him through Baudelaire’s translations. As the morbid wintry landscape described in the poem turns whiter and whiter with snow, the blood running from a nearby slaughterhouse attracts Poe-esque ravens and wolves and the protagonist, cold and fearful, finds himself knocking at his lover’s door…

Winter Scene has been published in a limited hand made edition of 15 copies only. English translation and art work: Ben Schot.



Elizabeth Torres - The Ways of the FireflyNew in our Moloko Plus catalogue:

Elizabeth Torres – The Ways of the Firefly

(published by Moloko Print, 2020)

Elizabeth Torres – aka Madam Neverstop – is a Colombian/American artist, poet and translator. Torres was born in Columbia in 1987 and raised in the US where she studied Media & Film at Kean University, New Jersey. She landed in Copenhagen after having travelled the world extensively. Torres has been the director of Red Door Magazine since 2009, runs Red Door Gallery, hosts Red Transmissions podcasts and has taken part in all sorts of projects across Europe, Latin America and the US. She has published over twenty poetry compilations and has performed with several bands.

The Ways of the Firefly (translated into German as ‘Die Wege des Glühwürmchens’) is a bilingual compilation of poems and illustrations by Elizabeth Torres, published by Moloko Plus in 2020. The poems were written after a traumatic event in 2016 and form, according to the author, “a story of chaos and intimacy, loss and survival, and the golden threads that bring us together … it is a story that needed to let go of me and be healed and hopefully heal in others, or at least soothe with poetry the current open wound”.

The book comes with the audio CD Transgressions for the public Service by Madam Neverstop.



William Burroughs/Brion Gysin - BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS reduxNew in our Moloko Plus catalogue:

William Burroughs/Brion Gysin – BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS

(Edited and introduced by Oliver Harris, published by Moloko Print, 2020)

From Oliver Harris’ introduction:

A unique lost manuscript pieced together from the archives, BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS weaponises the methods of radical art for acts of anarchic insurrection against the global elites and alien powers that rule our planet. Just as fresh and ferocious as when it was written in 1960, it reveals Burroughs the polemicist and prophet at his most revolutionary, the cut-up guerrilla tactician and man of ideas at his most incendiary, a surprise to even dedicated followers and a spectacular introduction for new readers. But don’t be misled by the publicity puff and scholarly spin, for this isn’t a minor masterpiece recovered from the past to celebrate or study; it’s something far more ambivalent and important. This is the Real Thing we thought we always wanted, Burroughs absolutely unbound, radical in tooth and claw—which forces us to wonder: is this what we wanted after all?

Oliver Harris’ life as a Burroughsian began in 1984 with a PhD at Oxford that nobody would supervise. He has since gone on to publish and edit more than a dozen books about and by Burroughs, including William Burroughs and the Secret of Fascination and new editions of three trilogies: Junkie Queer, The Yage Letters: Restored versions of Nova Express, The Soft Machine and The Ticket that exploded; and in 2020 Minutes to go redux, The Exterminator redux and BATTLE INSTRUCTIONS. He is Professor of American Literature at Keele University and President of the European Beat Studies Network.