Ed Sanders - The Ex-Terr PoemsNew joint edition by Moloko Plus & Sea Urchin:

Ed Sanders – The Ex-Terr Poems

Moloko Plus and Sea Urchin have joined forces again to publish The Ex-Terr Poems by Edward (Ed) Sanders. The book, beautifully designed by Anneke Auer, combines new poems and glyphs by Sanders in his series of Bardic Glyph-Books. “These poems were begun in late January 2020, around the advent of my knowledge of the Corona Virus Invasion”, Sanders explains. “With my wife Miriam as videographer and great idea-person, for the last 14 years I have been writing and broadcasting a Saturday evening half-hour program, ‘The Woodstock Journal’, from 7 to 7:30 p.m. over the Public Access television studio at the Mescal Hornbeck Community Center in Woodstock. I bring a DVD of each show from home to the station, and send it out to viewers over station equipment. While each show is running”, Sanders continues, “I am free to write, work on my daily journal, or read. Last January 24, while The Woodstock Journal segment was being aired, I had a strange idea to write a poem about Sassy the Saucer. First I drew a Glyph of an extraterrestrial named Sassy, which, finished on the page, inspired the poem. Each Saturday evening, for the next 10 weeks, I drew a Glyph and wrote a poem about an extraterrestrial. Here they are, all fourteen of them.”

A limited edition of 10 copies of this book, which come with an original glyph by Ed Sanders, is available while stock lasts. Order now



Peter Orlovsky - Rough MixesNew from Counter Culture Chronicles:

Peter Orlovsky – Rough Mixes

In 1983 Allen Ginsberg’s collected songs were released as the double-LP First Blues by John Hammond Records, New York. The album contained recordings of studio sessions that took place in 1971, 1976 and 1981. Bob Dylan and Anne Waldman were among the contributors as was Ginsberg’s lover and fellow-poet Peter Orlovsky. During the recording session of 1981 at ZBS Foundation, New York Orlovsky produced eleven solo tracks which never made it to the final album. The rough mixes of those tracks have now been made available on cassette by Counter Culture Chronicles. Orlovsky’s ‘Rough Mixes’ is another excellent archival release by CCC that comes with two inserts with extra background information.

American poet and actor Peter Orlovsky was born into a Russian immigrant family in the Lower East Side in 1933. To support his parents he had to quit high school and do odd jobs before finding employment as an orderly at a mental hospital. After having served in the US Army Orlovsky met Allen Ginsberg in 1954. Their relationship developed into an enduring and inspiring partnership in love and poetry that would last until Ginsberg’s death in 1997. Peter Orlovsky died in 2010, aged 76. Order now



Sinclair Beiles - Universal Truths as revealed in white Tobacco FumesNew in our Collectible catalogue:

Sinclair Beiles – Universal Truths as revealed in white Tobacco Fumes

The first edition of Universal Truths as revealed in white Tobacco Fumes was published in 1976 by Writers Forum, London, a small but renowned press started by Bob Cobbing, John Rowan and Jeff Nuttall in 1963. Bob Cobbing himself designed the cover for Sinclair Beiles’s edition, which contains 20 short poems and is dedicated to Beiles’s mother. The condition of this rare and sought-after publication is very good with only minor staining of the cover. Read more & order



Alex Epstein - Miniaturen, 111 StoriesNew in our catalogue:

Alex Epstein – Miniaturen, 111 Stories

Alex Epstein was born in Saint Petersburg in 1971 but relocated to Israel with his family at the age of eight. Epstein, who has become known for his flash fiction, received his first publishing contract at the age of 23 and has since published eight collections of micro stories as well as three novels in Hebrew. Epstein’s work has been awarded twice with the Israeli Prime Minister’s Prize for Authors and Poets and has been translated into a large number of languages.

Some of Epstein’s micro stories have now been compiled by Moloko Plus in a fine German translation by Pociao. The tales – some of them no longer than a single sentence – are modern fairy tales, which have quite rightly been subtitled 111 Stories as a reference to 1001 Nights. Each of Epstein’s ‘miniatures’ is flavoured with a subtle mix of magic, existential absurdism and a sense of humour that makes them delicacies to be savoured one by one, morsels that keep the soul aglow in these dark days. Order now



Herbst in Peking - PanikNew from Moloko Plus:

Herbst in Peking – Panik

Produced and recorded in times of corona, this 32-minute CD captures the current mood of our societies and at the same time presents the listener with a spectrum of conceivable and historical cases of panic put to very enjoyable music. Designer Kai Pohl’s observation People’s panic is inviolable serves as a motto for this powerful and poetic compilation of new tracks, covers and reworkings of older HIP pieces, as does a quote from Jean Baudrillard’s The Beaubourg-Effect: Implosion and Deterrence that has been printed on the CD cover. The cover art is a well-chosen photo montage from the series Brot und Spiele by German artist Gregor Kunz.

Herbst In Peking, named after Boris Vian’s novel, was formed by Rex Joswig in East Berlin in 1987. The anti-authoritarian stance and fierce criticism of the GDR regime of this punk band led to an official ban in 1989. While Rex Joswig ran his Grenzpunkt Null radio show from East Berlin after the GDR had collapsed, his band steadily assimilated influences from Dub, Industrial and Electronic Music. HIP’s line-up has changed over the years with Joswig as a constant member and their collaboration with Moloko Plus productive to this day. For the ‘Panik’ CD Herbst In Peking consisted of Rex Joswig, Helmer Kreysig, King Snow aka Pegman, Jörg Schittkowski and Robert Grund. Order now