Apregarde Dub Orchestra - Gotland wenig änderndNew from Moloko+: Apregarde Dub Orchestra – Gotland wenig ändernd

When Berlin master musicians and producers Bernd Jestram and Rex Joswig team up with avantgarde composer Bob Rutman, you know that something special is cooking. Rutman died in June 2021 and together with the tribute CD The Sound of Bob Rutman that Jestram and Joswig produced after his death, they also conceived and put together a CD by the Apregarde Dub Orchestra: an occasional studio ensemble with special appearances by Rutman and some of his experimental instruments. And what a beautiful and surprising CD it has become with Jestram on bass and electronics, Joswig for loops and delays, Rutman on steel cello and Alex DocDorsch playing Rutman’s bow chimes. The liner notes add to this motley but excellent crew and their strange and intoxicating musical grog:

“it is all about the echochamber in the heart of the anchored sea a shadow swings long forgotten tunes on drowning instruments where singing bears smoking big cigars under sails of heavy metal the manson family escapes in a creepy yellow submarine rasputin takes over saint petersburg in a cold dark night tick tack tick tack time is the master of everything & everyone and truth came down like a drone from gods own saxophone follow the sonar step into the unknown listen to the lighthouse do not be afraid of nothing & nobody for god is an old pig”

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Henri Chopin - Les gouffres des bronches sont des cavernes infiniesNew Henri Chopin LP released on Erratum Musical, 2022.

Henri Chopin – Les gouffres des bronches sont des cavernes infinies

At the invitation of Michel Giroud, Joachim Montessuis, Yvan Etienne and Masahiro Handa Henri Chopin performed in Besançon, France in 1995. The contact between Montessuis and Chopin that was established at that performance later resulted in the CD La danse des tonneaux roulants et brisés, released on Montessuis’s Erratum Musical label in 2004. The LP Les gouffres des bronches sont des cavernes infinies contains one of the compositions performed at Besançon at the time and another that was aired on France Culture radio in 2013. The LP was released by Erratum Musical in 2022 to commemorate the fact that Chopin’s was born 100 years ago. The LP has a 15-minute composition on either side and comes with a download code to Chopin’s 1995 performance in Besançon, an interview of Chopin by Michel Giroud and Joachim Montessuis the day after that performance and the Henri Chopin conference that was held the day before the performance. Also included in the sleeve are the handbill to the 1995 Besançon performance and an insert with liner notes and with photos by Richard Bugner.

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John & Leni Sinclair - Poetry is Revolution Poster

Silkscreened ‘Poetry is Revolution’ poster signed by John & Leni Sinclair

This silkscreened reprint of a Trans-Love Energies 1967 poster was published in an edition of 75 by Bookbeat, Oak Park in 2009. Trans-Love Energies was founded in Detroit in the early 1960s as a communal living environment, but later relocated to Ann Arbor. Founded by poet and political activist John Sinclair and his then wife Leni Sinclair, one of its slogans was Poetry is Revolution. The commune consisted of two houses and, among others, was home to the White Panther Party and the MC5. This hand numbered copy, made available from the Sea Urchin archives, has been signed by both John and Leni Sinclair and is in excellent, unused condition.

At the height of the sixties, John and Leni Sinclair were leaders of the counterculture movement in Michigan, organizers of radical social, political, and cultural endeavors primarily in the areas of music, poetry, graphic design, and community welfare projects. During the 1960s and 1970s the Sinclairs founded or were active in a variety of political and cultural groups including the Artists’ Workshop in Detroit, the Rainbow Multi-Media Corporation, the White Panther Party and its offshoot, the Rainbow Peoples Party; and had ties to various national radical organizations. John Sinclair was also an organizer of the Ann Arbor Jazz and Blues Festival and concerts and managed several rock bands, most notably the MC5. He was arrested for passing marijuana cigarettes to an undercover agent and was the subject of significant legal proceedings involving government surveillance and wiretapping. His wife Leni Sinclair (Magdalene Arndt) emigrated from the former German Democratic Republic to the US in 1959 and has worked as a photographer of jazz and rock musicians since the early 1960s.

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Silkscreened Destroy All Monsters poster by Savage Pencil

Silkscreened Destroy All Monsters poster by Savage Pencil

Hungry for Death was a comprehensive Destroy All Monsters exhibition at Printed Matter, New York in 2009. From there the show, curated by Cary Loren and James Hoff, toured to St Louis, Oslo, London, Rome, Lausanne, Athens, Paris and Boston. For the show at SPACE Gallery, London in 2010 a poster was designed by British artist Edwin Pouncey aka Savage Pencil. The poster was silkscreened, signed and hand numbered in an edition of 75 copies. This particular copy has now been made available from the Sea Urchin archives and is in excellent condition.

Artist, musician and writer Savage Pencil (1951) has contributed to several magazines, a.o. The Wire, Escape and Forced Exposure. He has designed and illustrated record sleeves for a number of bands, among who The Fall and The Mystery Band and is currently a member of the band Pestrepeller himself.

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Dave Allen - Real Life StrangersNew from Moloko+:

Dave Allen – Real Life Strangers

Multi-instrumentalist Dave Allen was born in Sydney but has lived in Berlin since the early 1990s. Allen used to play bass guitar in several bands, Dim Locator and Luna Lounge to mention a couple, before venturing on a solo career. After Allen released his first solo album Scheming himself in 2015, Moloko PLus has now released a second solo CD of twelve songs, all written and played by Allen himself. Allen’s solid guiter driven rock album Real Life Strangers, recorded in Berlin in 2020 and 2021, comes in a handsome digipak with artwork by Gregor Kunz and photography by Barbara Massacci. Order now