Gregor Kunz - Escape Vineta: Die Guten, die Bösen und die HässlichenNow available: final volume of Gregor Kunz’s Von den Busche trilogy:

Gregor Kunz – Escape Vineta: Die Guten, die Bösen und die Hässlichen

Kunz’s collection of collages Escape Vineta is the final volume of his Captain von den Busche trilogy. The trilogy, of which the first volume Look at the Seascape was published by Moloko Plus in 2019 and the second Inscape, Orte in 2021, was produced between 2000 and 2009 and comprises some 500 pieces of work. Designed by Robert Schalinski Kunz’s books of collages have developed into a marvellous triad of mini revelations.

With its tongue-in-cheek references to Max Ernst, Jules Verne, Baron Münchhausen, Sergio Leone and its quotations from authors and poets as varied as André Breton, Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound and William Carlos Williams, this compilation of collages is the final chapter of Kunz’s personal exploration of the 20th-century avantgarde and its 19th-century predecessors. With the fictitious Captain von dem Busche at the wheel, Kunz manages to navigate from territories already charted in the 19th and 20th centuries, to more personal horizons and coasts. Kunz’s approach turns each of his collages into a strange, at times unsettling, adventure.

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Harald Kappel - StereotomieNew from Moloko Plus:

Harald Kappel – Stereotomie

Harald Kappel (1960) is a German poet and physician who lives and works in Herzogenrath close to Aachen. Besides having been trained as a physician Kappel studied communication science with a focus on creative writing. He is a member of the international artists’ collective Atelier Kunstdialog and was awarded the Postpoetry Nordrhein-Westfalen Preis in 2019 and the Nahbell-Preis in 2021. Apart from having published poetry in various compilations and magazines, Kappel saw his novel Gegenströmung published by DDV-Verlag in 2005.

Harald Kappel’s latest poetry compilation Stereotomie was published by Moloko Plus in 2021. The title suggests an interaction between two-dimensionality and spatial structures, which indeed is felt in the often circular structure of Kappel’s profound poems themselves and also in the sequence of poems and the mixed-media works by Martha Magdalena Ferenczy-Kappel and Margarete Losche that are used to illustrate them. Designed, or rather sculpted by Andrea Lühr Stereotomie has become another fine Moloko Plus edifice. Order now



Eddie Woods - Tennessee Williams in BangkokNew from Moloko Plus:

Eddie Woods – Tennessee Williams in Bangkok

Eddie Woods (New York, 1940) is an American poet, author and publisher. Woods worked as an early computer programmer in New York before joining the US Air Force in 1960. For the greater part of his service he was stationed in Germany where, once honourably discharged, he married twice, fathered two daughters and made a living selling encyclopedias. Woods travelled to the East in 1968 and stayed there for five years while working as a restaurant manager, journalist, bar owner and disc jockey. He befriended his countryman Tennessee Williams during those travels, which took him to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Sri Lanka and Thailand. After a brief spell in London, Woods and his partner Jane Harvey travelled to Asia again in 1973, where they found employment with the Tehran Journal. Once back in Europe in 1978, the couple edited Ins & Outs Magazine from Amsterdam and founded Ins & Outs Press and the Ins & Outs bookstore (together with Henk van der Does) there two years later. Over the years Ins & Outs Press published William Levy’s Natural Jewboy, Ira Cohen’s Bandaged Poets postcard series, cassettes with readings by Jack Micheline and Harold Norse, Woods’s own poetry compilations Sale or Return and Tsunami of Love and various other works. With the exception of six years spent in England, Woods has lived in Amsterdam since 1979.

Eddie Woods’s candid memoirs of his days in Singapore and Thailand in the early 1970s were published as Tennessee Williams in Bangkok by Inkblot Publications, Providence in 2013. A Dutch translation appeared with SpeakEasy, Amsterdam as Bangkok Confidential the next year and now a German translation has appeared with Moloko Plus under the original title Tennessee Williams in Bangkok. Excellently translated by Pociao and Roberto de Hollanda and elegantly designed by Ralph Gabriel, this edition is the hottest tin roof Tennessee Williams’s cat has ever been on. Order now



Kiev Jaguar Stingl - Die besoffene SchlägereiNew in our Collectible Books catalogue:

Kiev Jaguar Stingl – Die besoffene Schlägerei

Kiev Stingl’s Die besoffene Schlägerei was published by Cyrano Verlag, Berlin in 1984. A number of fine copies of this sought-after edition are now available from Moloko Plus via Sea Urchin. The book, at first sight a loose collection of texts, essays, prose poems and photos, is subtitled La Bataille ivre in reference to Le Bateau ivre by Arthur Rimbaud. Stingl is not the first one to be inspired by this poem: it is also known to have had a major influence on the Beat Generation. But where the works of the Americans breathe sexual liberation, adventure, intoxication, expatriation and sometimes make use of the cut-up method to expose the inner mechanisms of language, Kiev Stingl takes Rimbaud’s poem for the starting point of an intoxicated trip into a more universal existential exile, in which sex is not liberating but a violent cry under empty skies and language and linearity are not so much cut up as smashed into shards. Stingl’s original and evocative language in his texts, notes and essays are combined with 30 photographs which form a loose photonovel, the captions of which make up the final chapter of this extraordinary book.

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Apregarde Dub Orchestra - Gotland wenig änderndNew from Moloko+: Apregarde Dub Orchestra – Gotland wenig ändernd

When Berlin master musicians and producers Bernd Jestram and Rex Joswig team up with avantgarde composer Bob Rutman, you know that something special is cooking. Rutman died in June 2021 and together with the tribute CD The Sound of Bob Rutman that Jestram and Joswig produced after his death, they also conceived and put together a CD by the Apregarde Dub Orchestra: an occasional studio ensemble with special appearances by Rutman and some of his experimental instruments. And what a beautiful and surprising CD it has become with Jestram on bass and electronics, Joswig for loops and delays, Rutman on steel cello and Alex DocDorsch playing Rutman’s bow chimes. The liner notes add to this motley but excellent crew and their strange and intoxicating musical grog:

“it is all about the echochamber in the heart of the anchored sea a shadow swings long forgotten tunes on drowning instruments where singing bears smoking big cigars under sails of heavy metal the manson family escapes in a creepy yellow submarine rasputin takes over saint petersburg in a cold dark night tick tack tick tack time is the master of everything & everyone and truth came down like a drone from gods own saxophone follow the sonar step into the unknown listen to the lighthouse do not be afraid of nothing & nobody for god is an old pig”

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