About us

Sea Urchin is a small and independent publishing house. It specializes in works of the historical avant-garde and the counterculture. Sea Urchin publishes both Dutch and English works. Sea Urchin also distributes the editions of a number of other independent publishers and labels from various parts of the world.

Sea Urchin Editions • P.O. Box 25212 • 3001 HE Rotterdam • The Netherlands
Tel/Fax : +31.10.4366349 • Mobile phone : +31.625368646
VAT/BTW : NL1326.58.951.B01 • KvK : 24318836


Information : info@sea-urchin.net
Orders : order@sea-urchin.net
Publisher : Ben Schot  ben@sea-urchin.net
Webmaster : Anneke Auer  webmaster@sea-urchin.net

Sea Urchins are available through the Sea Urchin website and through our distributors:

Unsollicited manuscripts will be fed to Tyson.