About us

Sea Urchin is a small and independent publishing house. It specializes in works of the historical avant-garde and the counterculture. Sea Urchin publishes both Dutch and English works. Sea Urchin also distributes the editions of a number of other independent publishers and labels from various parts of the world.

Sea Urchin Editions • P.O. Box 25212 • 3001 HE Rotterdam • The Netherlands
Tel/Fax : +31.10.4366349 • Mobile phone : +31.625368646
VAT/BTW : NL1326.58.951.B01 • KvK : 24318836


Information : info@sea-urchin.net
Orders : order@sea-urchin.net
Publisher : Ben Schot  ben@sea-urchin.net
Webmaster : Anneke Auer  webmaster@sea-urchin.net

Sea Urchins are available through the Sea Urchin website and through our distributors:

Unsollicited manuscripts will be fed to Tyson.


Studio Auer, Rotterdam

Moloko Plus, Schönebeck

Book Beat, Oak Park, Mi

Pigface Records, Portland

Eddie Woods, Amsterdam

Club Moral, Antwerp

Exact Change Press

Korm Plastics, Nijmegen

Michael Limnios

Slowboy Records

Underbelly, Rotterdam