Puck Schot - UrgeNew in our Moloko Print catalogue:

Puck Schot – Urge

Puck Schot (1994) is a visual artist, filmmaker, writer and poet from Rotterdam, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague in 2016. Her work spans various disciplines – video works, writings, sculptures, drawings, sound works and performances – which go hand in hand to explore man’s darker desires in modern media-generated realities. Since 2012 Schot has taken part in various group shows, programmes and festivals as well as done solo shows in Germany and Rotterdam. She was a guest lecturer and teacher for young talents at the Royal Academy of The Hague and received a Grant for Emerging Artists from the national Mondrian Fund in 2019. This grant has enabled her to publish her first book ‘Urge’ in collaboration with Ralf Friel’s renowned Moloko Plus press from Pretzien, Germany.

Urge, introduced by the artist as ‘a fictive vacuum inside a violently compressed wound or simply a compilation of fragmentary poems’, has turned into a handsome edition under the wings of Moloko Plus and designer Anneke Auer. Schot’s carefully arranged texts and images lead the reader along deliriously probing chapters with titles such as Angelic or Brutal Breathing to the final poem End of me, which closes with the line ‘I’m going to unveil my flesh to the world as you’ll add light to a tumoured sore’. Whose desire is at the root of this mess, baby? The urge is there for all to see, you know. It’s throbbing. Naked.

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Herman Melville - Dreams! Dreams!New Sea Urchin chapbook:

Herman Melville – Dreams! Dreams!

Dreams! Dreams! is a passage from Herman Melville’s novel Mardi: and a Voyage Thither, published in two volumes in 1849. The book, Melville’s third, was his first work of fiction, whereas his earlier Typee and Omoo were for the greater part autobiographical travel stories. Mardi is set in the South Pacific and initially reads as a travelogue but then blends with philosophical musings on the confrontations of its main characters and the imaginary countries and civilizations that they chance upon. Some critics deemed this blend of adventure and allegory unsuccessful while others – such as Nathaniel Hawthorne – praised its depth and complexity. The Sea Urchin chapbook contains a description of one of the main character’s dreams lifted from Chapter XV of the second volume of the book. In this passage Melville, himself an opium smoker, masterly sketches opium fuelled visions of prairies and endless herds of buffalo, rolling oceans, mountains upon mountains and navies of icebergs, where polar bears howl as their cubs drift away and floes crush the skulls of curiously onlooking seals. Dreams. Wild dreams. For ever. And Ever.

This Sea Urchin chapbook, with artwork by Ben Schot, was published in an edition of 10 copies only, which were reserved for collectors of the series. For that reason no extra copies are left for retail.



Relly Tarlo - Territorial Landscape No. 1Slowscan #45 LP now available from Sea Urchin:

Relly Tarlo – Territorial Landscape No. 1

In the liner notes to this release Relly Tarlo writes that this particular sound work, like all his other works, is rooted in personal experience. One day, upon hearing that his mother was incurably ill, Tarlo collapsed while hearing a stream of repetitive and high-pitched sounds. Once he had tried to reconstruct those disturbing sounds with the help of cassette walkmans and record players and was playing the result to fellow-artist Efrat Natan, she immediately related the atmosphere of the piece to the sounds that can be heard in her native Beit She’an Valley in the north of Israel. Together with Natan, Tarlo travelled to Beit She’an to experience and record the sounds there. They turned out to be a mix of humming high voltage masts, distant bird songs, sounds of insects and the calls of the muezzin rolling and echoing back from the adjacent Syrian hills. ‘I was surprised to hear how similar the stream of sounds was to the ambiance of my earlier composition’, writes Tarlo, ‘the same rhythms with the same flow in the surrounding sounds. I decided to name the composition Territorial Landscape No. 1’.

Territorial Landscape No.1 was mixed in 1978 at Josef Mar-Chaim Studio, Tel-Aviv, Israel and re-mixed by Slowscan in 2019.

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Gregor Kunz / Winterberg - Nach Arkadia.ZoomNew CD from Moloko Plus:

Gregor Kunz / Winterberg – Nach Arkadia.Zoom

At the suggestion of Andreas Paul, German writer and artist Gregor Kunz and sound collagist Winterberg teamed up to produce a one-hour radio play in 2012. Kunz’s readings of a selection of poems were put to music by Winterberg and consequently broadcast on Dresden’s free ColoRadio station on 30 August that same year. The full radio play, entitled ‘Nach Arkadia. Zoom’, has now been released on CD by Moloko Plus. Gregor Kunz’s multilayered photomontages and collages of images and papers that he has collected in the course of time, look like fading images, memories on the verge of disappearing. People seem caught in events and landscapes that are slowly slipping into oblivion. One of those photomontages has been printed on the sleeve of this CD and forms a perfect companion to Kunz’s melancholic songs to a lost place and time. Nach Arkadia. Zoom.



Takehisa Kosugi - New York, August 14, 1991Slowscan #44 LP now available from Sea Urchin:

Takehisa Kosugi – New York, August 14, 1991

This recording orginally appeared on cassette as part of the Slowscan Fluxus Anthology box set in 1994. About the recording Takehisa Kosugi wrote:

The music was performed by myself, solo, recorded live at my former apartment in New York City. For this performance I used:
– Pre-recorded environmental sounds (birds in the city of Ferrara, Italy)
– Live broadcasting sounds from W.EBS radio, New York
– A plastic bottle in which a small microphone was installed for picking up sounds of my voice and other sounds
– An audio generator for electronic sounds
– Sound effectors including a time/delay machine and pitch shifter

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