Smegma – Dives Headfirst Into Punk Rock (2015)

The Tenses – Sleepless (2016)

The Collected Genius Of Electric Willie (2017)

Ace & Duck / Guzo – An Evening In Copenhagen (2017)

Smegma – Son Of Geek (2017)

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The Arras’ is a passage from the early Gothic novel ‘The Romance of the Forest’, first published in 1791. Its author, Ann Radcliffe (1764-1823), is ranked among the pioneers of the genre. In her novels Radcliffe developed the technique of the ‘explained supernatural’, which had a strong influence on Edgar Allan Poe, Marquis de Sade and Sir Walter Scott and was mimicked by Honoré de Balzac in his early novel ‘L’Héritière de Birague’ (1822). By means of the ‘explained supernatural’ technique every seemingly supernatural event is eventually traced back to natural causes without disrupting the suspense of the story. Ann Radcliffe’s work can be seen as a blend of Neo-Classical rationality and Romantic passion.

Samuel Coleridge about ‘The Romance of the Forest’: ‘The attention is uninterruptedly fixed, until the veil is designedly withdrawn’. And Ed Sanders about ‘The Arras’: ‘Just as I was following it closely, and the door was discovered, then poof, it ended! I wanted more and more!’



New from Moloko Print and Sea Urchin:

Yannis Livadas interviewed by Ben Schot (and five poems)


In this slim edition, beautifully designed by Anneke Auer, publisher Ben Schot interviews poet Yannis Livadas about the position of poetry in general. Starting from Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s violent notion of poetry, the discussion follows a precarious path of its own. Schot’s train of thought clashes with Livadas’s poetic language, but instead of heading for derailment the discussion opens new perspectives amid desolate piles of ashes and brightly burning flames of creation. To this interview five English poems by Livadas and artwork by Schot have been added. The book was jointly published by Moloko Print from Schönebeck and Sea Urchin from Rotterdam in 2017.


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‘Paralyse’ is the German title of a novel that Gustav Sack conceived and started in 1913 but never had the chance to finish. The novel was to revolve around the delirious ideas and fantasies of a poet/philosopher who, like Sack’s inspiration Friedrich Nietzsche, suffers from dementia paralytica in the final stages of syphilis. In a letter to his fiancee Paula Harbeck Sack explains that the main character of his novel will be ‘physically completely miserable, incapable to recollect or think logically, while lapsing into the wildest, most fantastic yet optimistic delusions; a glowing embrace of life and at the same time helpless as a child’. Sack’s poem ‘Paralyse’ was written in the same period as the novel (1913-14) and was either meant to be included in it or sprang from the same underlying concept, in which syphilitic deliria serve to fuse contrasting ideas in a sublime nihilistic fire.

the first English translation of this poem has now been published as a Sea Urchin chapbook. ‘Paralysis’ appears in a limited edition of 15 hand made copies. Translation and artwork: Ben Schot.



New in our Moloko+ catalogue:

William Levy – RAPE (with drawings by Scott Neary)


William Levy’s controversial short story RAPE was refused by many a publisher in the past, but has now finally been published by Moloko+ from Germany. And how. Combined with drawings by Scott Neary and designed by Robert Schalinski, RAPE has turned into an elegantly transgressive piece of work. Horny … yes. And paranoid … no doubt. But if you think RAPE is obscene, take a closer look at the financial supplement of your newspaper. Or should you feel Levy is revelling in conspiracy theories, feed your paranoia on the history of the Sabbatians, one of whom William Levy has chosen to be the protagonist of his story. Levy summarises his story as follows:

‘RAPE is a rage-out-rapacity fable about free market cannibals devouring themselves. Wolf Filosof is irresistibly magnetic with more than a touch of Sax Rohmer‘s insidious Doctor Fu Manchu in method and approach. When he is not having incredible tantric sex Wolf Filosof sells stolen white children to rich Americans. It‘s part of his faith as an adherent of a sect believing all prohibitions are proactive commands celebrated as a holy activity. This ribald burlesque drolly develops political/porno themes of the chilling unspeakable. Obscenely funny for anyone who can take a joke…’