Now available: Paolo Coteni – Nel Corso del Tempo

Paolo Coteni - Nel Corso del Tempo (A Tribute to Laura Grisi)Slowscan #47 now available from Sea Urchin:

Paolo Coteni – Nel Corso del Tempo (A Tribute to Laura Grisi)

Laura Grisi (1939-2017) was an Italian artist who travelled extensively after her marriage to documentary filmmaker Folco Quilici in the mid-1960s. Overwhelmed by the natural beauty and the awe-inspiring power of nature that she came across during her foreign journeys, she started introducing natural elements and chance into her work in 1968: fog, water, wind, light, rocks and other natural phenomena would find their way into the enclosed spaces of galleries and art institutes since then. Her 1969 video The Measuring of Time tried to capture the immense span of space and time experienced in a desert and her photographic work Pebbles (1973) consisted of five pebbles arranged and photographed in 120 different combinations. Italian artist and composer Paolo Coteni has now paid tribute to Laura Grisi with the LP Nel Corso del Tempo, which he produced in collaboration with Jan van Toorn’s Slowscan label from ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Read more & order