New from Moloko+: Dakini Böhmer – Zwischentöne

Dakini Böhmer - ZwischentöneNew from Moloko Plus:

Dakini Böhmer – Zwischentöne

Dakini Böhmer’s second compilation published by Moloko+ combines some of her intimate meditations on love, friendship and daily life in poetry and prose with illustrations by Sebastian Unterrainer. The title Zwischentöne not only applies to Böhmer’s subtle and carefully phrased poems and short prose pieces but also to Unterrainer’s drawings in various shades of grey.

Dakini Böhmer was born in Dortmund in 1989 and grew up on Mallorca and in the southern German town of Ulm. She currently lives in Cologne, where she used to work for the cultural magazine ‘null22eins’ from 2016 to 2020 and has been active for various other cultural and political projects. Böhmer publishes poetry and prose on various online platforms. Her first poetry compilation Splitter was published by Moloko+ in 2019, followed by Blau – ohne Kontur with Rodneys Underground Press in 2021 and now Zwischentöne, again with Moloko+.

Sebastian Unterrainer was born in Trier in 1983. He has lived and worked as an artist and art teacher in Hamburg for ten years now. Apart from doing exhibitions in Germany and abroad he used to do several art projects in Rwanda in the past. Besides producing art and illustrations, Unterrainer writes songs and plays the guitar. Order now