Moloko Plus publishes Georg Heym’s ‘Der Dieb’

Moloko Print publishes:

Georg Heym – Der Dieb

With drawings by Ben Schot.
Inspired by Baudelaire and his translations of Edgar Allan Poe on the one hand and Friedrich Nietzsche and early expressionism on the other, Heym’s tales in ‘Der Dieb’ are supremely grotesque and dark to the extreme. And all of them written in an evocative style that builds up to absurd climaxes and erupts in apocalyptic scenes of violence. ‘Der Dieb’ – first published posthumously in 1913 – consists of seven tales: ‘Der Fünfte Oktober’, which is a wild ride on mob sentiments, ‘Der Irre’, a psychopath’s celebration of freedom, ‘Die Sektion’, a sigh of love from the autopsy table, ‘Jonathan’, the ecstacies of pain during a hospital romance, ‘Das Schiff’, a cat-and-mouse thriller with the Black Death aboard, ‘Ein Nachmittag’, the first dagger of love in a young boy’s heart, and ‘Der Dieb’ itself, in which a religious and mysogynist maniac triggers his personal apocalypse. All of them ruthless and beautiful tales, combined with nine of Schot’s drawings, wrapped around the tales to fit them in atmosphere rather than illustrate them.
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