Joe & Joe Live at the Smell

Textural Sounds is a label run from Portland, Oregon by Cody Brant. Among its releases on cassette and on SoundCloud are LAFMS related pieces and collaborations of John Wiese, Sissy Spacek, Smegma, and Cody’s own band Dead Channel.

Textural 002, now distributed by Sea Urchin, is a cassette capturing a radical performance of Joe & Joe (Joe Potts & Joseph Hammer) at The Smell, Los Angeles, 14 February, 2010, where they opened for Lasse Marhaug and John Wiese. “A dense fog of sound on sound on sound in the cavernous Smell” is what it says on the LAFMS website about this release. Yes. Be engulfed. Swallowed. Deeper. Magma.