Cameron Jamie

KOPBF 4 | front

It is a great pleasure to announce that Sea Urchin has joined forces with Californian/Parisian artist Cameron Jamie. From now on we will distribute the last available copies of some of Cameron’s beautiful artist’s books, which have been manufactured in limited editions.

Cameron Jamie grew up in Los Angeles and has lived in Paris for eight years now. His work covers a wide range of media, varying from drawings to film and from installations to music. Jamie took part in the 2006 Whitney Biennial and was the Artist in Focus at the International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008.

Together with Mike Kelley and Paul McCarthy (among others) Jamie is a member of the artists’ band The Gobbler. Throughout his work Jamie explores ritualized and sublimated violence: Detroit spook houses, Austrian Krampus rituals, noise, backyard wrestling by Los Angeles teenagers, a Joan of Arc celebration in Orléans. Jamie’s films, drawings, installations, music, and editions tap into the subconscious layers of our psyches and societies. Violence and rawness go hand in hand with elegance and sensitivity.