Yellow Dog #25

Publisher : The Print Mint (Berkeley)

Year : 1973

Pages : 32 b/w pages, fullcolour cover, staple-bound

Size : 248 x 170 x 3 mm

Language : English

Condition : excellent

sold out € 10.00

Postage not included

Yellow Dog #25, the final issue of one of the longest-running underground comics titles, was published by The Print Mint in 1973. ‘Yellow Dog’ was initiated in 1968 by artists Joel Beck and John Thompson and The Print Mint’s owner Don Schenker. The symbol of the comics was a yellow dog pissing (originally on Herman Melville’s Captain Ahab).

‘Yellow Dog’ started as a full-size underground newspaper with contributions by artists such as Robert Crumb and Kim Deitch, but developed into a comic-sized showcase for new talent in 1969. Several artists contributed to its swan song in 1973: Trina Robbins, Taylor, Patrick Cosgrove, Joel Beck, Leslie Cabarga, Robert Cavey, Rick Pflug, Dave Hereth and Joe Roberts. The original 50-cent price of this copy has been covered by a 60-cent sticker.