Elizabeth Torres – The Ways of the Firefly

Author : Elizabeth Torres
Press : Moloko Plus, Schönebeck
Year : 2020
Size : 185 x 140 x 7 mm
Pages : 92, offset printed and perfect bound
Language s: English/German
Illustrations : Elizabeth Torres
Design : Kai Pohl
German translation : Klaudia Ruschkowski
The book comes with the audio CD
‘Transgressions for the public Service’
by Madam Neverstop
€ 15.00
Postage & packing not included

Elizabeth Torres – aka Madam Neverstop – is a Colombian/American artist, poet and translator. Torres was born in Columbia in 1987 and raised in the US where she studied Media & Film at Kean University, New Jersey. She landed in Copenhagen after having travelled the world extensively. Torres has been the director of Red Door Magazine since 2009, runs Red Door Gallery, hosts Red Transmissions podcasts and has taken part in all sorts of projects across Europe, Latin America and the US. She has published over twenty poetry compilations and has performed with several bands.

The Ways of the Firefly (translated into German as ‘Die Wege des Glühwürmchens’) is a bilingual compilation of poems and illustrations by Elizabeth Torres, published by Moloko Plus in 2020. The poems were written after a traumatic event in 2016 and form, according to the author, “a story of chaos and intimacy, loss and survival, and the golden threads that bring us together … it is a story that needed to let go of me and be healed and hopefully heal in others, or at least soothe with poetry the current open wound”.

The book comes with the audio CD Transgressions for the public Service by Madam Neverstop.

Elizabeth Torres - The Ways of the Firefly