Francis Picabia – Dessins pour Littérature

Artist : Francis Picabiasold out

Catalogue, exhibition curated by Jean-Jacques Lebel

Publisher : Polyphonix/Nèpe, Paris/Budapest/Marseille

Year : 2007

Pages : 88

Size : 230 x 175 x 8 mm

Language : French/English

Signed by Jean-Jacques Lebel

€ 30.00

Catalogue of the exhibition Francis Picabia – Dessins pour Littérature at Galérie 1900-2000, Paris, 2007. B/w reproductions of drawings by Picabia for the magazine Littérature, and essays in French and English by William Canfield and Jean-Jacques Lebel. Exhibition curated by Jean-Jacques Lebel. Catalogue signed by Jean-Jacques Lebel.