Michael Morley – The Pavilion Of Fools

Artist: Michael Morley

Label: Gallery Dessford Vogel (Dunedin, N-Z)

Year: 1996

Tracks: 7 / 55:00 minutes

€ 10.00

Postage not included

7 improvisational pieces by Michael Morley (The Dead C, Gate, Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos). Intense and disruptive pieces varying from throbbing psychedelia to harsh industrial soundscapes to roughly cut field recordings, all beautifully mixed. The CD comes in a nice b/w fold-out sleeve.

The Pavilion Of Fools was released by Gallery Dessford Vogel, Dunedin, New Zealand, in 1996. Limited stock available. The Pavilion Of Fools has a place just for YOU!