Smegma – The Pigface Tape

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Artists : Smegma
Label : Pigface 020, Portland, Oregon
Year : 2011
C-40 cassette
€ 8.00
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Smegma came into being in Pasadena, California on November 23, 1973. Despite having no formal art or music training, several friends decided to experiment with playing ‘real’ music. They tried a ‘band without musicians’ concept by allowing musicians only for special parts as needed. The only other rule was, “NO HIPPY MUSIC” or any other contemporary sounds. They developed their own ‘primitive suburban folk’ approach and traditions. They were aware of the LA freak scene (Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Wild Man Fischer), but it was only a distant influence. John Cage, Harry Partch, Eric Dolphy, Sun Ra, Buckminster Fuller and many other great minds of previous generations were more influential than their peers.
Most of the band moved to Portland Oregon in 1975. Simultaneously, they became involved with the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS), contributing LPs, cassettes and visual art. Smegma’s approach of playfully respecting the great music of the past and pushing it into the future engages a small but interesting group of people from all over the western world and Japan. So far over 100 people have performed, recorded with, and/or helped work on projects with Smegma. Current Smegma members are:
Ju Suk Reet Meate (Eric Stewart), Oblivia (Jackie Stewart aka Rock and Roll Jackie), Dennis Duck (Dennis Mehaffey), Ace Farren Ford (aka Ace of Space), Big Dirty (Brad Hostetler), Vetza (Vetza Trussel), Rogue Iniki (Nour Mobarak), John Wiese, Madelyn Villano, Alieta Train, David Morgan, Cody Brant, Jennifer, William Cyrus Ford , Mars Ford.

This cassette is a 40-year anniversary edition with original recordings by Ju Suk Reet Meate in Altadena, California on May 16 1974, except Side B, track 3, which was recorded on May 20, 1974. Final Editing and EQing was done in January 2014. On this recording Smegma is: Paul Rioux, Ace Farren Ford, Amy, Bev, Dennis Duck, Chuck-O-Fats (Donkey Flybye), Cheez-it-Ritz, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Chuck, and Cheez-Bro.