Ace Farren Ford

Ace Farren FordSea Urchin is happy to join forces with Ace Farren Ford from Los Angeles.
Ace Farren Ford (1957) began writing poetry at the age of 10 and started playing music around the same time. Since the early 1970s Ace has explored free improvisational music, at first with his group Ace & Duce (originally a duo, but later a quintet featuring Rick Snyder, Dennis Duck and Tom Recchion) and, in 1974, as a member of Smegma. He is considered to be a founding member of The Los Angeles Free Music Society and has appeared on numerous releases on vinyl, tape and CD. Ace played in groups as varied as the West Coast punk groups The Child Molesters and Rancid Vat, psychedelic projects as EXP and Heltir, and improvisational ensembles like Smegma, which he rejoined in 2007. Since 1978 Ace has run his own label Ace & Duce, he has shown paintings and collages since 1994, and has published four books of poetry. Ace currently works as a tattoo artist in Hollywood. We are honoured to represent Ace and to distribute a selection of his output through Sea Urchin. Take a look in our catalogue for some of his fine editions (more coming soon).