Electric Willie – The Collected Genius Of…

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Artist : Electric Bill
Label : Pigface Records, Portland
Pigface 028
Year : 2017
C-40 cassette
Limited edition
Liner notes and artwork by Ace Farren Ford
€ 8.00
Postage & packing not included

In the early 1970s Electric Bill Robinson was a high school friend of Smegma’s Ace Farren Ford’s. No sooner had Ace suggested that Bill put his humorous poems to music than he started writing songs. Electric Bill sometimes played with Smegma and left behind a large number of recordings in Smegma’s archives after his death in 2001. Some of these recordings have now been compiled on cassette to pay tribute to the genius of the late Electric Bill.

The Pigface cassette contains songs recorded by Electric Bill in and around Pasadena in 1974-75 plus one recorded 7 years later in Altadena. The entire B-side of the cassette is taken up by the Fluxus-like ‘Sherwood Suite – in 3 Sections’ featuring Electric Bill on guitar and melodica. The cassette comes with liner notes and artwork by Ace Farren Ford.

Electric Willie - The Collected Genius Of...