Ludo Mich – Saturnus

Artist : Ludo Mich
Duration : 25:15 min.
Year : 1971
€ 15.00
Postage not included

Saturnus is a 16mm b/w film that Ludo Mich wrote, filmed, directed and edited in 1971. Filmed through a home-made fisheye lens the space fantasy shows life on one of the moons of Saturn, where characters in futuristic costumes and body-paint speak an unknown language and are seen in strange but cinematographically strong activities. There are a king and a queen, a doctor, a torturer, bush women, beings operating machines. There are games and there are rituals. Sex, birth and death, pain and violence, all there and all part of a society that mirrors ours, but most of all distorts and subverts it. Saturnus has a healthy deconditioning and liberating effect. Add to the powerful images a wild and psychedelic soundtrack by Daniel Doncq (sax), Ludo Mich (vocals), Wally Van Looy (percussion) and this film is guaranteed to send you to a world from which you won’t return the same. Two of the actors in this hallucinatory fantasy are Antwerp artists Guillaume Bijl and Nicole van Goethem. The soundtrack was included on the LP ‘Music From Films By Ludo Mich’, which was released on Ultra Eczema in 2005.