Ludo Mich – Brickman

Artist : Ludo Mich
Duration : 23:11 min.
Year : 2006
€ 15.00
Postage not included

Registration of a performance by Ludo Mich at the Dennis Tyfus & Vaast Colson exhibition ‘Break Down The Walls’ at Maes & Matthys Gallery and Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerp, 2006. The centre piece of the exhibition was a hole struck in the brick wall that connected the two adjoining art spaces. In a wooden arena created by Vaast Colson in one of the spaces various performances took place in the course of the exhibition. On 14 September 2006 Ludo Mich did a performance there too. It turned into ‘Brickman’, in which the artist had his torso body-painted like a brick wall and then – armed with a theremin, a steel rod and a couple of mason’s tools and looking like a clay man trapped in a stroboscope-lit cage – produced harsh and disquieting sounds with his voice, the theremin and by hammering away with metal objects and ends of wood. Brickman: it’s masonry gone berserk. Documented and edited by Chris Gillis & Rufus Michielsen, 2006.