Jean Baudrillard & The Chance Band – Suicide Moi

Artists : Jean Baudrillard & The Chance Bandsold out


Label : Compound Annex, #9

Year : 2002

Tracks : 12

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French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, described by J.G. Ballard as ‘the most important and original thinker of the past twenty years’, reads from his works, accompanied by an all-star band consisting of Tom Watson (Red Krayola), George Hurley (Minutemen, Firehose), Mike Kelley and Dave Muller (Destroy All Monsters, Gobbler), saxophonist Lynn Johnston, and vocalist Amy Stoll. Also featuring Sandy Stone, one of the world’s leading theorists of technology and the transhuman. Recorded live in 1996 at Whiskey Pete’s Casino and Hotel in Stateline, Nevada as part of the Chance Festival.

Over an hour of wicked improvisational music. You’ve never heard Baudrillard in this context before, and it will probably never happen again – a once in a lifetime event!