The Futurians – LTA

The Futurians - LTAThe Futurians are a radical noise rock band from Dunedin, New Zealand. They were formed in 2001 and currently consist of Ducklingmonster (Beth Dawson), CJA the Pirate (Clayton Noone), ISO-12 (Jason Aldridge) and Rocko Mandroid (Sean Norling). Sometimes coined a ‘lo-fi rock nightmare’, The Futurians play distorted rock covers plus their own compositions that bear titles such as Anyspace.Anytime, Tears of ISO and Venus K9. Their style retrofuturistic and their themes sci-fi related, The Futurists sound like a damaged Hawkwind eight-track found in a car wreck in a scrapyard.

Post-Materialization Music has released The Futurians’ LTA – a full blast live recording – as a limited edition of 50 dubbed onto second-hand Russian cassettes. If you go any lower than this release, you’ll hit magma.