Sun City Girls – Pelican 92

Sun City Girls - Pelican 92This Post-Materialization cassette is a re-release of the Sun City GirlsPelican 92 cassette, which was originally published on Alan Bishop’s Abduction label in 1993. The cassette contains selected live recordings by Scott Colburn of the Sun City Girls’ 1992 US tour with Thinking Fellers Union Local 282.

The Sun City Girls were formed in 1979 in Phoenix, Arizona and consisted from 1981 to 2007 of Alan Bishop, Richard Bishop and Charlie Gocher. Their music and live performances were a hallucinatory mix of rock, jazz, spoken word, Asian pop, psychedelia, free improvisation, Kabuki theatre and many other influences. The Pelican 92 cassette provides a good cross-section of their open-minded and eclectic approach to music. The Sun City Girls were disbanded in 2007 after the death of percussionist Charlie Gocher. Order now!