Soundtrack to the film ‘Ludo Is Fantastic’

Ludo Mich - Soundtrack to the film Ludo Is Fantastic

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Ludo Mich – Soundtrack to the film ‘Ludo Is Fantastic’

Irish filmmaker and musician Willie Stewart premiered his documentary film ‘Ludo Is Fantastic’ about Flemish artist Ludo Mich late in 2018. An audio CD with the soundtrack to this film was released simultaneously on Stewart’s own label Hypnagogic. But the CD is much more than just an extra to the film. Hypngogic #004 is a well-balanced and varied compilation that is strong enough to stand on its own. Excerpts from the soundtracks to Ludo Mich’s avant-garde films ‘Deus Ex Machina’ (1970) and ‘Saturnus’ (1971) are combined with tracks by the Flemish band The Joyous Cosmology, with whom Ludo often performs, and tracks by several bands that Willie Stewart and his partner Natalia Beylis are part of: Woven Skull, Three Eyed Makara, Worship My Panther and others. The result is a beautiful and enjoyable CD with music that varies from gentle psychedelic pieces to wild avant-garde experimentation.

With: Ludo Mich, The Joyous Cosmology, Worship My Panther, Lesser Thans, Three Eyed Makara, Natalia Beylis and Woven Skull.