Remaining copies of Slowscan Vol. 40 box available from Sea Urchin

Slowscan’s Vol. 40 is a silkscreened wooden box containing seven 7” records with compositions by Fluxus related artists – each record hand numbered – plus an information sheet. Sea Urchin sells the remaining copies of this exquisite edition with recordings of:

• Albert Fine’s ‘Fear No Forks’ (1965, performed and recorded in 2017)
• George Brecht’s ‘Drip Music/Dripping’ (1959-62, performed by Al Hansen, 1993)
• Joe Jones’s ’Solar Music Hot House’ (recorded in 1988)
• Ken Friedman’s ‘Zen For Record’ (1966)
• Charles Amirkhanian’s ‘The Type Without Time’(1979)
• Adriano Spatola/Gian Paolo Roffi – Autoroute (1988), side A
• Adriano Spatola/F. Tiziano – Al Capone Poem (1979), side B
• Pauline Oliveros’s ‘World Ear Project’ (1971)

The Albert M. Fine and Ken Friedman records include an insert. Edition of 100 copies numbered 31/150 to 130/150. Design Johnny Van de Koolwijk. → ORDER