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Insect Fear #3


The short-lived ‘Insect Fear’ underground comics (three issues appeared between 1970 and 1973) were edited by Spain Rodriguez and published by the legendary Print Mint, which was run by Alice & Don Schenker and their partners Peggy & Bob Rita from Berkeley and San Francisco. ‘Insect Fear’ drew inspiration from 1950s horror comics such as ‘Tales From The Crypt’, ‘The Vault Of Horror’ and ‘The Haunt Of Fear’, and visualised chilling and perverse encounters between humans and insects. Insect Fear #3 was put together by Spain Rodriguez in 1972 and printed in March 1973. We have only one copy available. → Get hold of this worm-infested treasure and feel it eat away your brain.





Liberty or Death (International Protest)


Following the Parisian May 1968 revolt and the Democratic Convention riots in Chicago later that year, ‘Liberty or Death’ was put together by Mary Beach and “freaked out & zapped” by her partner Claude Pélieu for City Lights Books in 1968. The edition was released as an ‘international protest’ and was dedicated to countercultural revolutionaries as varied as The Movement of March 22, 1968, the Czech Resistance and Ed Sanders. Through Mary Beach, Claude Pélieu and their friends the edition voices the radical thought of the period and documents the violent protests of 1968 on both sides of the Atlantic. With hindsight, this edition is a historic and rare document of the counterculture, at the time distributed by City Lights Books in a print run of some 750 copies only. → Only one copy available