New William Levy edition: A Call for Chaos

William Levy - A Call for ChaosNew William Levy edition by Moloko Plus & Sea Urchin Books:

William Levy – A Call for Chaos

In a joint effort Moloko Plus and Sea Urchin have published a chapbook of three incisive poems by William Levy, written in the 1970s and 1980s. Together A Call for Chaos (1977), Europe in Flames (1978) and Crippled Warlords (c. 1983) form a powerful antidote for these chaotic, inflammatory and crippling times. With some of Claude Paradin’s 16th-century emblems as visual ingredients and Anneke Auer as a master designer, Moloko and Sea Urchin have managed to produce a hip flask filled with Levy’s spirit to help us put a world in turmoil into perspective. Down the hatch!