New Moloko: Harald Kappel – Stereotomie

Harald Kappel - StereotomieNew from Moloko Plus:

Harald Kappel – Stereotomie

Harald Kappel (1960) is a German poet and physician who lives and works in Herzogenrath close to Aachen. Besides having been trained as a physician Kappel studied communication science with a focus on creative writing. He is a member of the international artists’ collective Atelier Kunstdialog and was awarded the Postpoetry Nordrhein-Westfalen Preis in 2019 and the Nahbell-Preis in 2021. Apart from having published poetry in various compilations and magazines, Kappel saw his novel Gegenströmung published by DDV-Verlag in 2005.

Harald Kappel’s latest poetry compilation Stereotomie was published by Moloko Plus in 2021. The title suggests an interaction between two-dimensionality and spatial structures, which indeed is felt in the often circular structure of Kappel’s profound poems themselves and also in the sequence of poems and the mixed-media works by Martha Magdalena Ferenczy-Kappel and Margarete Losche that are used to illustrate them. Designed, or rather sculpted by Andrea Lühr Stereotomie has become another fine Moloko Plus edifice. Order now