New in our No Basement Is Deep Enough catalogue

Todd Tamanend Clark’s ‘The Deathguard Remnants‘ (2014) and ‘The Pink Chunk Unearthed…‘ (2015) are two releases on cassette on No Basement Is Deep Enough available from Sea Urchin. Both of them are wild, psychedelic releases beautifully packaged. The Pink Chunk cassette comes in a green hand made sock topped with a polyurethane blob, spray painted pink. Insanity’s tuxedo. A fold-out insert with an accompanying text and photos is included, but those are insane too. And Todd Tamanend Clark’s cassette comes packaged in a hand made trapezoid leatherette pouch with a strain of black hair extension attached to it. Inside the pouch a nice triangular fold-out insert with track list can also be found. Sea Urchin distributes the very last copies of this mind-blowing release. Take a look in our catalogue for more information.