New in: Gregor Kunz – Labyrinthe – Die Verona Protokolle

Gregor Kunz - Labyrinthe - Die Verona ProtokolleNew in our catalogue:

Gregor Kunz – Labyrinthe – Die Verona Protokolle

Labyrinthe – Die Verona Protokolle (Gedichte und Montagen 2019-2020) is a slim edition with recent prose poems and photomontages by German artist and poet Gregor Kunz. The poems, fleeting impressions of buidings, landscapes, people, and sounds, and the b/w photomontages interact rather than illustrate or describe one another and are combined with quotations of Goethe, Homer, Sappho, Herod, Rilke and Heraclitus to form a collection of dreamlike pages beautifully brought together by Kai Pohl and published by Ralf Friel’s Moloko Plus press.

Gregor Kunz was born in East-Berlin in 1959 and worked odd jobs, such as forestry worker, postman and cinema assistant, to support his practice as a fiercely independent artist and writer in the German Democratic Republic. Kunz contributed to Samizdat magazines in the 1980s and has produced and published poems, collages and artists’ books since the late 1970s. He currently lives in Dresden.