New from Moloko: Jürgen Ploog – Flesh Film (A Cut-Up Novella)

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Jürgen Ploog – Flesh Film (A Cut-Up Novella)

Edward S. Robinson writes in his introduction to ‘Flesh Film’ for Reality Studio:

“Where the precise origins of the cut-up lie remain the subject of debate in certain circles, although no one would dispute the fact that it was Burroughs who formalized the method, provoking controversy in the literary establishment, and who is the writer with whom the technique will be forever associated. Burroughs himself acknowledged myriad literary precedents, and accredited Brion Gysin with the actual ‘discovery’ of the method, quite by chance, in 1959. Of those involved in the first collection of cut-ups, Minutes to Go (1960) — Burroughs, Gysin, Sinclair Beiles and Gregory Corso — only Burroughs would subsequently pursue cut-ups further. From Burroughs’ central point, however, radiated concentric rings of influence as other authors took his proclamation that ‘cut-ups are for everyone’ as a call to arms against language control and the narrow confines of linear narrative structures.

The European mainland spawned a remarkable second wave of post-Burroughsian cut-up authors to expand upon his principles and took the technique deep into new territories. Jürgen Ploog belongs to this lineage of vigorous, exciting, cut-up practitioners which includes Claude Pélieu, Mary Beach, and Carl Weissner… Read more