New chapbook: Dimitrie Stelaru – Eumenes

New Sea Urchin chapbook:

Dimitrie Stelaru – Eumenes

Dimitrie Stelaru’s poem Eumene has now been translated into English for the first time and has been published by Sea Urchin as Eumenes. The poem was part of Stelaru’s compilation Ora fantastică (The Fantastic Hour), which was published by Editura Prometeu in 1944 shortly before Romania switched sides in World War II and Ion Antonescu was toppled by King Michael I. The volume contained a preface by Eugen Lovinescu and established Stelaru as a poet. But Stelaru’s relative success would only last a couple of years. After the publication of his volume ‘Cetățile albe’ (White Cities) in 1946 Stelaru suffered the fate of many poets of his generation and was, until his death in 1971, as violently repressed by the communist regime as he had been by the fascists in World War II. Eumenes is a visionary poem written during Romania’s turbulent years as an ally of the Axis powers. Despite its intoxicated and escapist imagery the poem’s reference to the ancient Greek general Eumenes who was betrayed by his own troops, appears to be a veiled comment on the political situation of those days. Eumenes has been published as a hand made Sea Urchin chapbook in a limited edition of 15 copies. Artwork and translation: Ben Schot. Read more & order