New bilingual Ira Cohen compilation

Ira Cohen - AlcazarNew bilingual Ira Cohen compilation from Moloko Print:

Ira Cohen – Alcazar

On 7 and 8 October 2004 the Jornadas Oriente y Occidente took place in Seville, Spain. To that end organiser Emilio Gonzalez Ferrín had invited Thomas Stemmer, Juan Pacheco, Carmen Ruiz Bravo, Pedro Martinez Montavez, Eduardo Jorda, Ira Cohen, Axel Monte and Florian Vetsch. At that point Monte and Vetsch had already collaborated with Cohen for several years. The day after the festival the three of them visited the local Alcazar, where they spent several hours in the garden taking pictures and making plans. Ira Cohen wrote his poem Alcazar on the spot and sent the hand-written copies to Monte and Vetsch straight after his return to the US. The poem would form the core of a compilation of 17 poems that Monte and Vetsch selected and translated into German over the years. Combined with photos of the visit to the Seville Alcazar, a postscript by Jürgen Ploog and biographical notes, these poems have now been published by Moloko Print as the handsomely designed edition Alcazar. The result is as welcome and refreshing as the shade of the garden must have been on that memorable day in Seville in October 2004. Order now