Moloko Plus and the ‘Muspilli Rökrökr Mashup’ project

order Muspilli Rökrökr MashupIn the summer of 1999 German poet Bert Papenfuß and musician Rex Joswig spent a holiday together in Feldberg, Germany. They didn’t do much work, according to Papenfuß, but Rex Joswig asked his friend to write a text for him to put to music, ‘something with the Bible’ Roswig added. Papenfuß didn’t feel like working from Bible texts but revived an older idea of his to rework the ninth-century poem ‘Muspilli’, an incomplete and apocalyptic Old High German text which is kept in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich.

Last year Bert Papenfuß combined his 1999 ‘Muspilli special’ and his earlier political rap ‘Rökrökr’ into a ‘Muspilli Rökrökr Mashup’ and added footnotes to the new poem so extensive that they formed a text in itself. That same year Papenfuß’s poem was read by Ines Burdow, Rex Joswig and Bert Papenfuß himself, recorded in a studio in Berlin and set to music by the Berlin bands Tarwater and Herbst In Peking. These two pieces now make up the opening tracks of the CD and double-LP that Moloko Plus has devoted to the ‘Muspilli Rökrökr Mashup’ project, followed by the full text of Papenfuß’s footnotes read by Ensemble Sockenschuß, who are again Ines Burdow, Rex Joswig, Bert Papenfuß plus Jule Böwe. Collaborations of Papenfuß and the bands The Same (Helmar Kreysig and Rex Joswig), and Duo Elektrokohle (Rex Joswig and Frank “Trötsch” Tröger) complete this fantastic release. Muspilli Rökrökr Mashup. A modern Book of Revelation. Save your soul or learn about its doom!