Mick Farren: Black Dogs Circled

Black dogs circled

Mick Farren is known as singer of the legendary British proto-punk band The (Social) Deviants (1967-70), editor of International Times, activist, writer, journalist, and occasional songtext writer for Motörhead, Hawkwind, and Wayne Kramer. In 1970 Farren organised the Phun City Festival which featured a.o. The MC5 and William Burroughs. For his solo album Mona, the Carnivorous Circus (1970) Farren was awarded an “approval patch” by the Hell’s Angels.

Black Dogs Circled is a collection of poems compiled by Mick Farren and Sea Urchin and printed in a limited edition. The 18 poems contain personal observations, phantasies, obsessions, memories and lyrics, composed by Farren with a musical ear and a sense of humour. Space Opera, Skin Of White Latex, Cocktail Napkin, en The Creature are some of the titles of the poems that together create a sultry atmosphere. Punk, kinky, subversive, intoxicated: Farren at his best. Design and illustrations by Ben Schot.

Limited supply of signed copies available