Jürgen Ploog – Tapes von Unterwegs 1971-1976
(Moloko+/90% Wasser LP)

Following the example of William Burroughs, Jürgen Ploog used a portable tape recorder to record, edit and cut up material, which he collected during his transcontinental flights between 1971 and 1976. The material on the LP ‘Tapes von unterwegs 1971-1976‘ that the German labels Moloko + and 90% Wasser released in 2015 is a selection of Ploog’s hallucinatory tape cut-ups by Robert Schalinski. The LP has Ploog’s ‘Partitur des Unterwegs’ (2015) printed on the outer and inner sleeve to complete this cut-up adventure into the crevices and manholes of language.

Jürgen Ploog - Tapes von Unterwegs 1971-1976