Jan Herman and Norman Ogue Mustill reveal ‘The Condition’


The front of this hallucinatory postcard, published by Cold Turkey Press in a limited edition of 36 copies, shows a collage by the recently deceased Norman Ogue Mustill. It is “Mustill in a light sorta mood, or so he thought”, writes his friend Jan Herman, “light for him, anyway: no severed bodies or bloody stumps. He did not always ream out the human race. He had a feel for the vulnerability of pop culture, which he liked to satirize”.

When Cold Turkey Press publisher Gerard Bellaart asked Jan Herman to add a couple of lines to Mustill’s collage, Herman came up with a strange and slightly disconcerting cut-up text called ‘The Condition’: “Thus, from San Francisco to the farthest capitals of the Occident”, the text reveals, “they saw take hold The Condition in all its ugly and irrefutable proportions.”

Jan Herman – The Condition