Very last copies of Destroy All Monsters’
‘Lonely Street’ available from Sea Urchin

A year after Mike Kelley’s death in 2012 Destroy All Monsters co-founders Cary Loren and Jim Shaw descended into the Mobile Homestead’s lower level to pay tribute to their deceased friend. Most tracks on the ‘Lonely Street’ CD are recordings of that session in May 2013, which opened with a musical invocation of Mike Kelley. Other tracks are short recordings, jingles produced by Destroy All Monsters for the comprehensive ‘Vision In A Cornfield’ installation at MoCAD in 2012. Also included on the CD is the 2001 recording ‘Kranky Halloween’ by Mike Kelley, Cary Loren and Cameron Jamie. The CD-R was edited and produced in a limited edition of 100 by Cary Loren for The End Is Here in 2016 and comes with a signed and hand titled photograph by Cary Loren plus envelope. Sea Urchin distributes the very last copies of this release. Be quick to order yours.