Hugh Hopper & Matt Howarth – The Stolen Hour (signed)

Artists : Hugh Hopper & Matt Howarth
Label : Burning Shed
Year : 2004
Tracks : 12 / 61 minutes
Signed by Hugh Hopper
€ 15.00
Postage not included

The Stolen Hour is a project of Hugh Hopper and American comic book artist Matt Howarth. The project was started in protest against the decision of the Australian government to impose early Daylight Saving Time on its people at the insistence of international media networks which would cover the Summer Olympics in Australia in 2000. The CD Plus contains a comic by Matt Howarth (PDF) and music built up around bass, guitar and rhythm loops by Hopper. Guest musicians: Robert Wyatt, Didier Malherbe, Pierre-Olivier Godin, Frank van der Kooy, and Simon Picard.