René Daniëls: EHV-NY

Authors : Remko Scha, Truus de Groot, Ton van Gool, Carlos van Hijfte

Publisher : See/Hear, Rotterdam

Year : 2012

Pages : 80

Size : 330 x 240 x 5 mm

Binding : softcover

Language : English

€ 15.00

Postage not included

René Daniëls: EHV-NY art&music is the first issue of Betrayal Takes Two: a series of zines in which guest editors curate a zine at the invitation of Carlos van Hijfte and Ton van Gool. The guest editor/curator is asked to help build a zine from his/her own work and pieces from the collection of posters, flyers and other (music realated) artwork that Carlos and Ton rescued from the 70’s and 80’s as well as the photos they took in that era. The concept of Betrayal Takes Two was developed by Carlos van Hijfte, Ton van Gool and Sea Urchin Editions (Ben Schot).

René Daniëls: EHV-NY was put together in close collaboration with Marleen Gijsen and René Daniëls to celebrate the work of the Dutch painter René Daniëls and his love for New York and music. The magazine was presented at Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven on 12 May 2012. The zine includes contributions by René Daniëls, Remko Scha, Truus de Groot, Ton van Gool, Carlos van Hijfte, Lee Ranaldo, Monique Voorhout, Catharine Ceresole and was designed by Marcel Sloots/Volle Kracht.