Hugh Hopper – The Rock Bass Manual

sold outAuthor : Hugh Hopper

Publisher : Portland Publications Ltd, London

Year : 1984

Pages : 112

Size : 279 x 216 x 7 mm

ISBN-10 : 0907937160

ISBN-13 : 978-0907937166

Language: English

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The Complete Guide to the Electric Bass Guitar by Hugh Hopper. Bass player and composer Hopper is one of the pivotal figures of what is known as the “Canterbury scene”, which has spawned influential bands as Soft Machine, Caravan, and Gong. Together with Robert Wyatt and Mike Ratledge Hopper formed the core of the strongest line-ups of Soft Machine (1969-73), and after that undertook various experimental solo projects (such as the album 1984) and collaborations (with Stomu Yamash’ta, Elton Dean and Mark Hewins a.o.). If you’re going to play the bass why not learn from the best?