Henri Michaux – Beroofd door de ruimte

Author : Henri Michaux

Included an essay by Jean Jaques Lebel

Edition : Sea Urchin #5

Year : 2004

ISBN : 9789075342147

Pages : 208

Size : 190 x 125 x 14 mm

Language : Dutch

Translation : Martine Vosmaer & Ben Schot

€ 12.00

Postage not included

As part of his quest for an Ailleurs (Elsewhere) author, poet and artist Henri Michaux (1899-1984) experimented with various hallucinogenic substances. In numerous drawings he has noted down either directly or during flashbacks his experiences with drugs like mescaline, LSD, and psilocybine. In addition he devoted many poems and prose texts to his experiments. The Sea Urchin edition compiles a selection from Michaux’s hallucinatory prose.

Michaux (in his own words “a witness who keeps using his eyes even though he has been swallowed up”), gives vived and often humorous accounts of everyday activities – reading, writing, listening to music, going out – that turn into great adventures of the mind under the influence of the drugs.
Added to this compilation was an essay by artist, writer, and activist Jean-Jacques Lebel that puts his friend Michaux’s experiments in the right perspective.