Grand Tableau Antifasciste Collectif

Publisher : Éditions Dagorno, Paris

Year : 2003

Pages : 134

Size : 245 x 215 x 15 mm

ISBN-10 : 2910019632

Language: French

€ 50.00

Postage not included

Published in 2000 by Éditions Dagorno. History, documentation, and analysis of the Grand Tableau Antifasciste Collectif, a collective work by Jean-Jacques Lebel, Enrico Baj, Erro, Roberto Crippa, Gianni Dova, and Antonio Recalcati from 1960. Project coordinated by Laurent Chollet. Contributions by Enrico Baj, Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, Julien Blaine, Robert Fleck & Annie Gouëdard, and Jean-Jacques Lebel. B/w and full-colour reproductions. Signed by Jean-Jacques Lebel. Poster included.