City Hands – By Time Influenced Memories



Artist : City Hands
Label : none
Year : 2016
Language : English
C-26 cassette with a laser copied sleeve
€ 5.00
Postage & packing not included

City Hands (Manuel Padding) released in August 2016 a limited edition C-26 cassette containing two tracks: ’Fold Backwards’ on the A-side is a repetitive and hypnotic psychedelic soundscape’, whereas ‘Altered Awakening’ on the B-side is a more ominous and dark atmospheric piece. The cassette comes with a laser copied sleeve with the liner notes:

Have i been here before / Am i watching myself / watching myself opening doors / into empty rooms / Forgetting what’s there, / forgetting what was. / As timelines intertwine / making new stories / of old memories.