City Hands – A Place In The World

sold outArtist : City Hands
Label : Lexi Disques, Brussels
Year : 2014
7″ vinyl inserted in a 16-page booklet

€ 10.00

Postage not included

A Place In The World is a beautiful release by City Hands (Manuel Padding) on the Brussels based label Lexi Disques. The edition consists of a 7 inch vinyl disc inserted in a 16-page fullcolour and staple-bound booklet of collages by the artist plus a silkscreened cover and inner sleeve. The 7″ contains a poem in two parts which – accompanied by ethereal music and visualised by the psychedelic collages of the booklet – takes you on a trip through an inner landscape of dreams and visions in search of a place, however incorporeal, in this world.

Artwork: Manuel Padding (design, collage, silkscreen), Emmanuel Gonay (printing), Catherine Plenevaux (inner sleeve, stamp).