Acidic Male – Deceased in Rotterdam

Artist : Acidic Male
Label : privately released
Year : 2021
blue 10″ vinyl in offset printed sleeve
Artwork & Design : Puck Schot
Edition of 250 copies
€ 12.50
Postage & packing not included

Puck Schot (1994) was trained as a visual artist at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Apart from her work as an artist, filmmaker, performer and poet she has explored electronic music under the moniker Acidic Male since 2019. In her music and performances she manages to combine personal and intimate themes with industrial noise, heavy beats and violent poetry, while at the same time exploring shifts in standard gender roles. Together with fellow-artist RJM Vanderheyden she also forms the duo Vot’ress, who in their music combine field recordings, noise and Shakespearean texts. Acidic Male regularly performs as a DJ as well.

Acidic Male’s debut release is the 10″ vinyl Deceased in Rotterdam, which was produced in 2021 with the support of the Sena Performers Fund, Hilversum. Having provided the artwork and design of this beautiful release herself, Puck Schot – in the guise of her alter ego Acidic Male – explores her identity and past selves in four cathartic and poetic tracks with the titles: Rock Bottom, Snot Goblin, Acidic Male in a Field of flowering Feces and Slowly decomposing. Fragments culled from childhood home videos, field recordings, pubescent yells of rage, drum beats and industrial music make these carefully composed tracks a highly original compound of self-reflection and deconstruction. Deceased in Rotterdam is a rich compost heap for beautiful flowers to spring from.

Acidic Male - Deceased in Rotterdam