Fluxus Anthology Vol 1

sold outVarious artists
Label : Slowscan, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Slowscan vol. 17A
Year : 2004
Double LP, black vinyl in gatefold sleeve
Limited edition of 350 copies
€ 29.00
Postage & packing not included

After having put together the influential 8-cassette box ‘Fluxus Anthology 30th Anniversary 1962-1992 Sound Events’ in 1994, Slowscan released the follow-up ‘Fluxus Anthology Vol 1’ ten years later as a limited edition double LP. Some of the recordings of the cassette box can also be found on the vinyl release, but most of them are previously unreleased or rare recordings of an expert selection of Fluxus-related artists and musicians:

Emmett Williams / Ray Johnson / Dick Higgins / Robert Watts / Marcel Alocco / Maurizio Nannucci / Joe Jones / Al Hansen / Mieko Shiomi / Ay-O / Jean Dupuy / Carolee Schneemann / Eric Andersen / Yasunao Tone / Ben Vautrier

Released in a limited edition of 350 copies as Slowscan vol. 17A, 2004.