Kohier – I/’The Begotten’

sold out
Artist : Kohier
Label : Sloow Tapes, Stekene, Belgium
Year : 2017
C-70 cassette
Limited edition of 70
€ 8.00
Postage & packing not included

Kohier are Flemish duo Brecht Ameel on baritone guitar and Jürgen De Blonde on synthesizer. The cassette contains improvisations by the duo that vary from slow atmospheric pieces to up-tempo minimalist compositions. The music explores various styles and genres and evokes images of wide and desolate natural scenes: deserts, mountain ranges, dazzling gorges, pebbles swept in a riverbed. The red cassette, red insert and track titles, which for the greater part refer to blood, complete this fine Sloow Tapes release, of which only 70 copies were produced.

Kohier - I The Begotten