Harry Hoogstraten – Battling Siki

Poet: Harry Hoogstraten
Label: Sloow Tapes
Year: 2013
C-60, recorded in 1979, 1980 and 1987
Language: Dutch/English
Cover photo: Gerard Pas
Limited edition of 100 copies
€ 8.00
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Every time I say goodbye to painting the words come back. And every time the words run dry the paint once again runs down my fingers like sweat along the spine. And every time I cry a little. But o how tender the vendor of pearls. How terrific and tough as nails and splendid like the ocean. I turn away from the brushes. Time to kick the letters around. (liner notes by Harry Hoogstraten)

Harry Hoogstraten accompanied by Nico de Gruiter on synthesizer, recorded at De Fabriek, Eindhoven, 13 November 1980

Harry Hoogstraten accompanied by Helen-Anne Ross on cello recorded at la Palette, Amsterdam, 6 May 1987. And Harry Hoogstraten accompanied by Rhid Marks on guitar and Suze Hahn, recorded at De Melkweg, Amsterdam, 16 April 1979.

Last available copy.

Harry Hoogstraten - Battling Siki