12 Great Americans


Audio CD

Contents : 65:54 minutes, 26 tracks

Publisher : Cold Turkey Press/Klacto/Sea Urchin Editions

Year : 2006

All recordings by Carl Weissner, 1966-68

€ 15.00

Postage not included

The CD is the result of a collaboration of Cold Turkey Press, Klactoveedsedsteen and Sea Urchin in 2006. 12 Great Americans contains all the tracks of the sought-after Beat poetry LP A Cold Turkey Press Special (1972) with readings by leading countercultural poets such as Ed Sanders, Diane di Prima, Ray Bremser, and Allen Ginsberg. The readings were recorded by Carl Weissner of Klactoveedsedsteen magazine between 1966 and 1968. Of Weissner’s master tape for the LP some 48 minutes were actually released in 1972. Some 18 minutes of readings by Ray Bremser, Charles Bukowski, Ted Berrigan a.o. remained virtually unpublished and unavailable to the public. The CD 12 Great Americans contains all the readings of Carl Weissner’s master tape, a unique document of the period.

Poets: Ray Bremser, Diane di Prima, Ted Berrigan, Carol Bergé, Ed Sanders, Charles Bukowski, John Wieners, Jim Silver, John Giorno, Allen Ginsberg, Paul Blackburn, Harold Norse.