Winterberg – Am Hain von Romowe

Artist : Winterberg
Label : Moloko Plus
Year : 2021
audio CD, 5 tracks, 1 hour
Artwork : A. Schramm
Photography : U.E. Nimmrichter
€ 15.00
Postage & packing not included

Winterberg is an experimental sound artist from Eastern Germany who specializes in electronic soundscapes for theatrical settings. His latest one-hour ambient piece Am Hain von Romowe was released in 2021 on CD by Moloko Plus with artwork by A. Schramm and photography by U.E. Nimmrichter.

The German word Hain refers to a small wood and Romowe used to be a pre-Christian holy place in Samland, an East Prussian district in the region of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad on the Russian exclave Kaliningrad Oblast between Poland and Lithuania). The Old Baltic Prussians believed in the holiness of all natural forces, beings and phenomena and their highest priest Kriwe-Kriwajto, who had his seat in Romowe, was thought to be in permanent contact with the spirits of dead ancestors. Winterberg’s Am Hain von Romowe consists of five beautiful tracks that snake like a deep and slow river into the heart of that pagan culture:

  1. An Dem Morgen Wie Es War
  2. Hummelflug Und Bienenwohl
  3. Schnee Von Gestern
  4. Es Brummt Auch Die Sonne
  5. Ewig Ende Anfang

Winterberg - Am Hain von Romowe