Mimetic Field – Overrated

Artist : Mimetic (Jérôme Soudan)
Label : Moloko Plus, Schönebeck, Germany
Year : 1998
audio CD (58 min, 10 tracks)
Limited and hand numbered edition of 100
Packaged in radiographic paper with 2 inserts
€ 15.00
Postage & packing not included

In 1998 Moloko Plus released a CD by Jérôme Soudan, who lived in Berlin at the time. It was the first of nine CDs that Soudan would produce under the moniker Mimetic the next fifteen years. Overrated is where Soudan’s ‘Mimetic’ project began. Apart from the regular ‘Overrated’ CD – now a classic album itself – Soudan and Moloko released an extra limited edition of 100 copies of the CD at the time. For this special edition Soudan packaged the CD in radiographic paper and numbered the 100 copies by hand. Sea Urchin stocks a number of these forgotten treasures from the Moloko vault.

Jérôme Soudan studied the piano and percussion in Lyon before moving to Paris in 1994. In the French capital he joined forces with les Tétines noires and the music theatre group Von Magnet. In the four years that Soudan lived in Berlin (1996-2000) his electronic Mimetic project took shape. From the start an open project, Soudan has collaborated with many other musicians and artists over the years. Apart from nine audio CDs, Mimetic has produced a number of DVDs and a book. Soudan currently lives in Genève where he is artistic director of Electron Festival.

Mimetic Field - Overrated